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March 27, 2012

Blue Valentine

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Recently a friend of mine suggested that I watch Blue Valentine. She suggested it right before I broke off my engagement because she said that I could relate to it. I ended up renting it a few days after we broke up, and I could definitely see what she meant. What impressed me is how real this movie is. It is pure raw emotion, and they show all the intimate moments. Don’t watch this movie with your parents!

It begins with a married couple during the present time, but it flashes back to when they first met. We see scenes from their present life and scenes from their relationship leading up to getting married. At first I just thought Dean was a complete jerk. Yet, in the scenes from the past, I saw how he was willing to go through anything to be with his future wife, Cindy. I saw how she made bad decisions based on the wrong reasons that led her to being unhappily married. I felt the pain of both Dean and Cindy. Dean wanted to live his life for his wife and daughter, while Cindy worked to have a nursing career, a career that she loved and was good at. She wanted to be with someone who wanted more from life, someone with dreams outside of being married and being a dad. It is also obvious in the beginning that Cindy isn’t that into Dean, but she gives him a chance because of his persistence, and because she is in an unhappy relationship when she first meets Dean. In the end, my heart hurt for both of the characters. I cried for the first time in a long time. So, if you want a good cry, see this movie. If you want to see why you shouldn’t rush into a relationship or get into one for the wrong reasons, see this movie.

There are also some adorable scenes, such as when they are at a store front and Dean plays the guitar and sings in his Elvis voice while Cindy dances. It is also heart warming to see Dean play with Frankie, their little girl. They seem to have this special bond between them because Dean is willing to act silly and play with Frankie while Cindy just seems to wallow in her unhappiness. This fact becomes even more poignant when you see the movie and you have a little more information about their past. When they get married, they both have tears streaming down their faces, so it is obvious that they did love each other very deeply at one time. Overall, it was a very intense, raw story, and Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling portrayed the main characters beautifully.





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