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February 4, 2017

Cabernet…My Attempt at a Love Poem

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Dark and heavy, waiting and ready,

You flow smoothly down my hollow throat;

You take your time and go down easy,

After a long day, you serve as my moat;


Reeling with anger, I’m steadied by you,

My body untenses and gives into your spell,

My pen is on paper with you serving as my muse

My demons’ screams you have managed to quell;


I want you as soon as I lay my hands on you,

but they say that I should give you time to breathe,

So I impatiently wait to savor every drop of you,

The anticipation and desire inside of me seethes;


The first sip is divinely intoxicating,

The first glass is impossibly invigorating,

The second glass sends my heart and body melting,

and the bottle leaves me satisfied yet wanting;


That which is most desirable is worth the wait,

Although there are times when I grieve our loss of time,

I suppose there were events that led up to our fate,

My Cabernet, our connection is simply sublime!


July 5, 2014

You’re in Control if You Want to Be

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I sit staring at the computer screen feeling depressed about the fact that I am filling out yet another job application that will be filed with thousands of other applications. I try to make my stand out, but it is probably similar to the majority of the submissions that the schools are reading. There may even be something on there that causes it to get filtered out, so it never gets read at all. I sit in this little apartment in a bad area of town, and I am grateful to have a job even though it isn’t in my career field. I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am just not living the life that I want. When I begin to sink into the darkness of unfulfillment and depression, I stand up and put on my running shoes. I set a goal for myself that is reasonable yet challenging. I run at a pace that is just fast enough to be a little painful, yet it is not so fast that it is unbearable. My feet pounding the pavement gives me a feeling of power. The pain in my muscles reminds me that I am growing stronger with every stride. Inhaling and exhaling the outdoor air, deeply and slowly, gives me a sense of control. The worry and stress simply melt away. No one and nothing can stop me but myself. I feel alive and relaxed even though I am sweating and exerting a great amount of energy. I am able to gain control of my thoughts and ideas. Everything seems clearer to me during that time. When I reach my distance goal without stopping to walk or rest, I feel accomplished. I hear the crowd cheering for me as I cross the finish line in my head.


This is what exercise can do. I don’t need anti-depression medication or therapy. I don’t need to sit around and cry into my ice cream. I just have to do something healthy that gives me a sense of control and accomplishment. I know that somehow, everything will work out as it should. Sure, I am getting a little impatient. I was supposed to be married and working as a teacher several years ago, according to my life plan. However, I am not in complete control of that, unfortunately. Life has had other plans for me. I still don’t like it, because I do like to stick to my plans and be in control of every situation that I am in. I am learning ways to deal with it, though. I have found that simply exercising and eating healthy has transformed me mentally, emotionally, and physically in ways that I never imagined. Aside from running, I also go to the gym and ride a bike. Sometimes I go hiking on the weekends, which is a sort of spiritual experience for me. Being immersed in nature and away from the crowds is peaceful and relaxing.


Eating healthy has made a huge difference, and the more I read about it, the more I realize how food can truly be medicine or poison, depending on what it is. I eat mostly organic, whole foods. I eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet. I have greatly reduced the amount of sugar that I eat. I include a large amount of fruits and vegetables in my diet, as well as lean meats and whole grains(rice, flax, i.e. gluten free grains). I drink water and juice instead of soda or tea. I feel healthier, happier, and more energetic than when I didn’t pay attention to what I ate.

Studies show that eating healthy and exercising can greatly reduce your risk of cancer. Smoking, drinking, being sedentary, and eating processed foods will put you at a higher risk of developing several types of cancer. Read more on the American Cancer Society website below. Seriously, just eating healthy and exercise can help prevent cancer. I think it’s at least worth a try! It’s not a guarantee obviously. Life, unfortunately, gives us no guarantees, but why not put the odds in your favor:



The bottom line is, diet and exercise is really all it takes to gain control of your life and become a healthier person. You have to find the exercise that works for you. Running is not for everyone, I know. Some people look at it as punishment. Yoga, long walks, or cycling are also healthy ways to exercise. As for diet, I think it is important to eat whole, organic, non-processed foods. Gluten and dairy are fine for some people. I have digestive issues, so I avoid inflammatory foods such as those. If you do eat gluten and dairy, just make sure you eat whole grains and organic dairy products. It’s just not a good idea to ingest pesticides, hormones, or chemicals in general. Try going to your local farmer’s market. The fruits and vegetables there taste so much better than what you find at the grocery story. Unlike prescription medications, there are no harmful side effects of exercise or healthy eating. Sometimes you have to take medication, but sometimes you can slowly move away from it if you develop a healthier lifestyle, or at least reduce your dependency on medication. So, get off the couch and get active! Then, eat something that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized instead of uncomfortably full.

April 28, 2013

Your Pie: Gluten Free Journey Series

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new pizza restaurant in Murfreesboro thanks to a late but lovely birthday dinner given to me by one of my favorite families. Upon entering, I wasn’t sure about it because it was absolutely deserted. However, when I found out that they served gelato and displayed a pizza bar similar to the sub bar at subway, I was pretty excited to indulge. Then, I found out the kids ate for $3 on this particular night, which made it even better since my friends have three boys. My friend assured me they had gluten free crust before we went, so I felt pretty confident about ordering a pizza. Gluten-free pizza crust can be tricky. It is either soft and chewy or crunchy like a cracker. I prefer the soft and chewy. I also have been reducing my lactose intake because I still have stomach issues even with being off gluten. I was delighted to find that they had vegan cheese, a substance called daiya. I knew I was risking it by getting cheese that is not really cheese, but I figured if I piled on enough toppings, it would cover up whatever weird taste the daiya might have! I decided to go all vegan since they had so many choices. It really is laid out like Subway where you choose your toppings, and they make the pizza right in front of you. There were several sauces to choose from, but I went with the basic marinara. My pizza artist then sprinkled on a layer of the mysterious cheese like substance called daiya. Then, I chose mushrooms, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

A few minutes later, a steaming hot pizza appeared in front of me at our booth. It smelled amazing, so I dove in. I was in food heaven for a moment. Daiya is delicious, whatever it is. It’s slightly sweet and creamy in texture, but it isn’t thick like cream cheese. The crust was soft and chewy, very much like a regular hand tossed crust. The toppings were fresh, and I ended up eating the entire ten inch pizza. If that weren’t enough, I then indulged in a small cup of rasberry sorbet gelato. Again, it was dairy-free. My best friend’s husband ordered the rather ordinary pepperoni pizza, but it was anything but ordinary. Our pizza artist spread the marinara on the hand tossed crust, and then he got a bit fancy with it. He sprinkled on a small bit of crushed garlic and fresh Italian herbs before tossing a thick layer of mozzarella over the sauce and neatly placed pepperoni slices. If you are gluten or lactose intolerant, or if you just like a creative gourmet pizza, they have your pie!

April 6, 2013

JoZara’s Coffee in Murfreesboro

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I can eat muffins, cupcakes, and cookies without my gluten intolerant tummy punishing me later! This is the first review that I am doing in my gluten free journey series. JoZara’s coffee shop is a place that I have enjoyed as a relaxation sanctuary since it opened five years ago. It actually celebrated its fifth birthday with allergy-free cupcakes this week. I often go there to sit in one of their comfy vintage chairs or couches with a cup of coffee or hot tea and a pastry with a book in my hand when I need to unwind. When I first started the GF diet, I had to give up the cookies and pastries that I used to enjoy there. These are not your typical frozen crumbly pastries that you find at most coffee house chains. They are home-made, soft, and flavorful pastries that make you feel warm and comforted inside. Then, lo and behold, I come in one day to find a small case labeled “allergy zone”. There were chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and banana nut muffins that were allergy free (gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc.). I ordered the chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, and I reveled in the fluffy texture and the sweet flavor that I had for so long missed. For me, this didn’t taste any different than its wheat flour counter-part. I knew I loved this place, but now it truly was a sanctuary for me of relaxation-and indulgence.

They have since expanded their gluten-free/allergy free offerings with various fruit and nut breads, cookies, and most recently, cupcakes for their 5th birthday celebration. Apparently, these allergy free anomalies are prepared fresh by a local baker. I am not sure who he/she is, but this person has done a great service to this area, and I know this because when these desserts were first being offered, I would sometimes come to find out that they were sold out. Now, there seems to always be something available to those of us with a limited diet. I would highly recommend JoZara’s to anyone on the gluten free diet, lactose free, vegan, or anyone who has any sort of food allergy. I also have the choice of almond or soy milk in my latte as I am somewhat lactose intolerant.If you are on a low sugar diet, there are plenty of sugar-free syrups to add to your beverage of choice. JoZara’s has something for everyone on any sort of limited diet. We can now all indulge without the pain following us for enjoying guilty pleasures!

A Gluten Free Journey

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Three years ago I went to the doctor because I had gone an entire week without an appetite and a constantly bloated stomach that gave me a pain I had almost become accustomed to. I dropped massive weight that was completely unnecessary and unhealthy. My entire life, I’ve dealt with frequent stomach problems and loss of appetite. I’ve often forced myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry so that I wouldn’t suffer from a loss of blood sugar or lose too much weight. I joke that this would be a great diet if only I needed to lose the weight. It mostly just makes life difficult when you constantly have a stomach ache. So, I had tests done, and my doctor told me to take a laxative and probiotics. He said there was nothing physically wrong with me that he could diagnose from tests. Great. So, I became somewhat of a laxative junky, and I went to another doctor for a second opinion. I was now a vegan and a laxative junky who was terribly underweight because I didn’t know what the hell to do. I saw this new doctor, who is a bit of a hippie with a soft, slow voice and a comforting presence. She asked me if I had ever tried a gluten-free diet. I told her I was basically eating nothing but fruits and vegetables and senna tea because I was afraid of most food. She told me to eat normally except for gluten, and to obviously get off the senna tea for awhile. Of course, this requires extensive label reading and questioning restaurant staff. She referred me to a gastrointestinal (gi) specialist immediately after seeing me to get tested for celiac disease. He was noticeably skeptical and advised me against the gluten free diet as it is “too difficult to follow and not worth it if you aren’t part of the 1% of people who actually have the disease”. I was staring back at this man with tears in my eyes because I was in pain and thought I might have found a solution, and he was treating me as if it was all in my head. He sent me to the lab, and once I arrived, I realized his nurse had given me someone else’s file. A week later, his receptionist coldly told me that I tested negative. I broke down and cried because the answer I thought I had found was false. I decided to try the diet anyway, and I made an appointment with my doctor to speak with her about other possibilities.
I tried going gluten-free for a month, and I was mostly better. I cheated a couple of times, and immediately I suffered the terrible bloating and pain that I had previously dealt with constantly.The gi specialist was a first of many skeptics that I’ve come across, but by trial and error, I can tell you quite confidently now that I am gluten intolerant and slightly lactose intolerant. I’ve been told by another doctor that if you are intolerant to one, you are usually somewhat intolerant to the other. I switched to coconut milk and rice products, and I am happy to say that I gained some of my weight back and have less stomach aches than I did before the diet. However, I have often accidentally eaten gluten, mostly at restaurants, because it is an ingredient that hides in the most inconspicuous foods. I have trouble finding restaurants that have gluten free menus or offer a decent amount of gluten free products. I kid you not, I have been given gluten free menus that have 4 or less items on them. Kudos to those restaurants for even having a custom menu available for me, though, because some offer nothing for my limited diet. So, I am now on a journey to find the restaurants with the best gluten free offerings. I will be reviewing restaurants on my blog that have these offerings so that those of you who are gluten free as well or just curious will know the best of the best “gf friendly” restaurants in middle Tennessee (unless I travel outside of this place).

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