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April 6, 2014

Happiness…has anyone really found it?

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What makes you happy? What puts a smile on your face that you can’t wipe away? What prompts you to get on the floor and dance in pure joy? There are two types of happiness…long-term and short-term. Most of us experience it in the short-term. A good song comes on the radio, you meet an old friend for coffee and laugh at old memories together, you dance with an attractive stranger, or you celebrate a small accomplishment. Yet, tomorrow comes, the moment is gone, and what is there to be happy about?
I go through a list of requirements for personal happiness. One is being married. So I ask my married friends…are you truly happy? No. For one reason or another, whether it is problems with health, work, family, or some personal issue such as not being happy with one’s appearance, being married doesn’t guarantee happiness. Okay, so next on the list is having a successful career. So I ask, are you happy with your life since you are working your dream job? No. Why? I work too many work hours, I am unsuccessful in love, I have health problems, etc. Okay, so what if you are married and you have your dream career? No. My spouse hates that I work so much, we can’t go on vacation because of my job, and I have this whole bucket list that I have to check off before I’ll really be happy. Right, so next on the list…children. Yes! That is the biological function of every living thing on Earth-to reproduce. You must have complete happiness if you have children. No. Why? The children are getting into trouble, or they’re sick so the medical bills are piling up, and I don’t have time for myself or my friends anymore. My once fine figure has now transitioned into a larger, looser, wrinkled one. I don’t have time to exercise because I work and take care of the kids. Mmm, so the “American Dream” doesn’t guarantee happiness. So, what makes one happy? Strip away all of your attachments, and find your happiness within yourself. Even when you sit alone with nothing to distract you, and your list goes unchecked, you can enjoy the stillness and be grateful to be alive, to be well, to know that there are infinite possibilities out there. If whatever you think is essential to your happiness fails right now, there will be something brand new around the corner. Try to enjoy those little moments of short-term happiness and don’t dwell on the disappointments, for they are fleeting. Now go and celebrate one more glorious day of being alive!


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