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April 6, 2013

JoZara’s Coffee in Murfreesboro

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I can eat muffins, cupcakes, and cookies without my gluten intolerant tummy punishing me later! This is the first review that I am doing in my gluten free journey series. JoZara’s coffee shop is a place that I have enjoyed as a relaxation sanctuary since it opened five years ago. It actually celebrated its fifth birthday with allergy-free cupcakes this week. I often go there to sit in one of their comfy vintage chairs or couches with a cup of coffee or hot tea and a pastry with a book in my hand when I need to unwind. When I first started the GF diet, I had to give up the cookies and pastries that I used to enjoy there. These are not your typical frozen crumbly pastries that you find at most coffee house chains. They are home-made, soft, and flavorful pastries that make you feel warm and comforted inside. Then, lo and behold, I come in one day to find a small case labeled “allergy zone”. There were chocolate chip pumpkin muffins and banana nut muffins that were allergy free (gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc.). I ordered the chocolate chip pumpkin muffin, and I reveled in the fluffy texture and the sweet flavor that I had for so long missed. For me, this didn’t taste any different than its wheat flour counter-part. I knew I loved this place, but now it truly was a sanctuary for me of relaxation-and indulgence.

They have since expanded their gluten-free/allergy free offerings with various fruit and nut breads, cookies, and most recently, cupcakes for their 5th birthday celebration. Apparently, these allergy free anomalies are prepared fresh by a local baker. I am not sure who he/she is, but this person has done a great service to this area, and I know this because when these desserts were first being offered, I would sometimes come to find out that they were sold out. Now, there seems to always be something available to those of us with a limited diet. I would highly recommend JoZara’s to anyone on the gluten free diet, lactose free, vegan, or anyone who has any sort of food allergy. I also have the choice of almond or soy milk in my latte as I am somewhat lactose intolerant.If you are on a low sugar diet, there are plenty of sugar-free syrups to add to your beverage of choice. JoZara’s has something for everyone on any sort of limited diet. We can now all indulge without the pain following us for enjoying guilty pleasures!


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