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September 3, 2012

Oh Rejection, how soon you found me

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As I mentioned in my previous blog, I sent query letters to four agencies that I looked up on the internet. Then, one by one, I received replies from each of them. I assumed it would take a few weeks. However, in a matter of a week, I received four politely written rejection emails. Sigh. I am trying to remind myself of the Nicolas Sparks story, or the lovely antecdote about Micheal Jordan not making his high school basketball team. I have to muddle through the rejection and keep sending out letters. I just have to find that one right agent who reads my synopsis and thinks, “Yes, this is the kind of story I have been looking for! You’re getting published!” That’s how everything in life is-finding the right person in the right moment. I just need my moment to come soon in some aspect of my life, be it my book, my love(less) life, or my career situation. I’m also getting rejected by job seekers because I’m either over qualified or someone more qualified applies. Seriously, I can’t win. But it’s like the lottery-you can’t win if you don’t play. So, I’ll send more query letters. I’ll send out more applications. In the meantime, I’ll hope for the other two goals to come to fruition. And maybe one day they’ll be sorry they rejected me when they see they could have made millions off of my New York Times Best Seller List book.


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