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August 26, 2012


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Okay, I finally got the time and the nerve to send a query letter to some agents: a total of 4 so far. It felt good to actually try to get my book out there. I love what I wrote-it was from my heart. I want to share it with the world. And yes, it would be nice to get paid for doing what I love. The only way to make it happen is to persevere. I am also going to let one of my friends read it this week. I’ve never let anyone read the entire book before. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit sensitive to any criticism that I may receive from him or from an agent. But, I know that criticism could possibly make it better, so I’m going to make myself be open to it. For those of you who are interested, this is the synopsis of my book.


The premise is a reunion at a grocery store between two high school sweethearts after ten years of being apart. It begins as a sweet, unexpected encounter, but transitions between the present time of their meeting again and memories of how their love fell apart in the first place. Brandon, the male part of this troubled on-again off-again couple, has been a tortured fool in love ever since he met Lauren in high school. Lauren has loved him just as much, but she has been too busy battling her own demons of alcohol addiction and manic depression to fully be with him. Brandon sees his last chance with Lauren at the grocery store as they decide to reunite at a local diner that they used to frequent as high school sweethearts. However, he knows it won’t be simple as soon as he meets Lauren’s daughter and learns of Lauren’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Joshua. Lauren sees yet another complication in her life, but she also sees a possibility to finally be happy with Brandon. She and her daughter have just moved back to her hometown in Clover County, Tennessee after being juggled between Oregon and California by her controlling, emotionally abusive boyfriend, Joshua. He dreams of being an artist, but he can’t decide what he really wants out of life or what he wants from Lauren. He also happens to be her daughter’s father. Rachel, the daughter, is highly aware and intellectually gifted, but she throws tantrums as a form of acting out because of her poor upbringing by these irresponsible, selfish parents. Brandon is looking at his last chance at happiness with his fragile, emotionally troubled high school sweetheart. He has based his happiness solely on Lauren, so his purpose in life is gone if he can’t be with her. He has spent his time away from Lauren holding onto the hope that one day he will have her back in his life. Lauren believes her biggest challenge is to choose between Brandon and Joshua, but she really must face her alcohol addiction. Her emotional breakdowns from her fragile mental state are calmed by downing liquor at the local bar or sometimes at home with her daughter hiding in the bedroom, dreaming of a better life. Lauren’s mom reluctantly takes care of Rachel and picks up the pieces after Lauren’s drunken nights. She isn’t shy about showing Lauren her disappointment in her, which only makes Lauren’s fragile mental state even worse. Joshua is a lost soul who must decide if he’s willing to put aside his selfish desires to take care of his family, or if a life of an artist alone is what he wants. In the end, one character’s story ends in tragedy while another finds salvation. Image

I believe this is a book that deals with universal issues that a large audience could appreciate. I also believe in this book because I wrote it from my heart, from my own experiences and experiences from those close to me. I wrote it with the intention to show that no one can make you happy-you must find happiness within yourself. It is a simple lesson, but it is a lesson that I think most people go through life without ever fully learning. I am a fan of imagery, flashbacks, and symbolism, so I tried to incorporate all of this in this book. It may be considered a short book, but I have never been the type of writer to drag out a point or go overboard with details that lose the reader’s interest.


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