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August 22, 2012

Just do it!

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Why is this one of the best brand tag lines of all times? Because it is simply stated yet a perfect mantra to live your life by. Just do it. Whomever thought of that tag line for Nike is a marketing genius. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry about what other think of you, and remember that there will always be something to hold you back from what you want to do. I have a close friend who is needing to “just do it” right now. He’s in a marriage he hates with a wife who also hates the marriage, and he’s in a job that he hates. Why does he stay? There are kids involved, there are money issues, and most importantly, there is that fear of…what next? My advice to him? Formulate a plan to get out of your misery and do it. Don’t sit on your hands, don’t keep hoping that all of the sudden everything will turn from darkness to light without making any changes. Because most of the time, a bad situation will not get better if you don’t do something about it. The light will not turn on by itself. You have to switch it on yourself. 

I am also working on my own plan to get to happiness. I have been hiding in the dark all of this time, and I’ve complained a lot. I’ve said what I want to do, what I wish would happen, but I haven’t done anything to make life better for myself. I’ve responded to negativity with more negativity. I’ve blamed others. I’ve even blamed God. But the truth is, it’s up to me. I have gotten myself in this situation because of fear and giving into weakness. I have been too afraid to just do it. Sometimes it takes baby steps. So, look at your life. Is there something that your desperately want, but something keeps holding you back? Find a way, even a small way, to overcome your fear and take a step toward your desire. If you hate your job, take a day and apply every where that interests you, even if you’re not sure that you’re qualified or not. Practice your interview skills in the mirror. Be ready and know that you are good enough to land the job that you want. If you can, get away from the computer and go to these companies. Show them who you are and that you really want that job.If you have feelings that you’re too afraid to share with a certain person, just tell them. If that person doesn’t respond how you hope, then you can move on and not feel tortured by the fear of rejection anymore. You’ll be glad that you tried.

That includes if you are a writer, and you’re trying to get published. Nicolas Sparks, every romantic’s favorite modern author, was rejected several times when he submitted his manuscript to publishers. Then, he submitted “Message in a Bottle,” and he was paid a million dollars to have it transformed into a screenplay. Now, anything he writes is turned into the next love story that has everyone in the theater crying into their tissues. If you are a writer, even if you don’t like his writing, I suggest that you read his non-fiction, semi-autobiographical book titled “Three Weeks with my Brother”. It is a truly inspiring story for anyone wishing they could live their dream of being a paid writer. It’s not about money, but it’s about being able to be free from the confines of a career that doesn’t allow you to express yourself as the creative person you were born to be. He had this dream of being a writer. He found inspiration in his family, his relationships, and the place where he grew up. He worked in insurance while persistently writing and submitting his manuscripts. He didn’t give up until he achieved his life’s dream. He just did it, no fear, no giving up, no questioning anything.

Just. Do. It.


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