Cafe de Desiree

July 12, 2012

The Kiss

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The Kiss

I want to feel a kiss so smooth and fiery

it knocks me to the ground

and I lay there not hearing a sound

just feel the tingle of it through my body

I feel your breath on my ear

as you prop yourself up above me

blocking me from escaping you as you tease

with your lips just grazing my skin and you’re holding my hair

gently tugging it, you put your finger to my lips

you smile that sly smile as you open your mouth

and I am rescued from the long, lonely drought

you quench my thirst and send me swimming into the depths

of the angry ocean waters, where I let the tide sweep me away

and I’m blanketed by the warm sand baking under the sun’s rays

I am buried but I do not want to crawl out

my body tenses and I need you to hold me in

hold me tightly so your grip bruises my skin

the fire burns inside of me so that I want to shout

but your tongue tangos with mine so I can’t make a sound

I open my eyes to find you are gone

and I’m left with the smoke from the fire between us

did that magic you created come from love or lust

was that a kiss goodbye or the beginning of a beautiful bond?


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