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February 23, 2012

Screw You, Ben and Jerry

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I have started running again after being on hiatus because of some minor health issues, and I was feeling very proud of myself. I did my second day of training today, and I ran like I did before I got lazy and out of shape again. I was running full speed, totally ignoring the pain. Well, except once I did stop for a bit until the shooting pain stopped piercing my side. But as soon as the pain subsided, I was back to it. I’ve been eating healthier, for the most part. I’ve gone gluten free as my doctor suggested to help with my frequent stomach aches. Fish, peanut butter, and fruit were becoming more prevalent in my diet. So, in celebration tonight, I decided to treat myself to my favorite ice cream. I first wanted a blizzard from Dairy Queen because that would mean that I wouldn’t have to go into the dreaded Wal-Mart, but it was after eleven, so the lights were out. Ben and Jerry’s would be worth a walk through the hell fire, so I braved it. Wal-Mart isn’t quite as bad at eleven o’clock at night, so I walked right to the ice cream section and searched for the premium pint section. There it was, a selection that I’ve never seen at a store before as I usually go to Kroger. Wal-Mart definitely has the advantage of buying pretty much whatever flavors they feel like getting from the company, so there were flavors that I didn’t even know existed. They also had a large supply of the one serving-size B&J’s. However, the pint was staring right at me-Phish Food. I put my hand around it, but something else caught my eye: Phish Food Froyo! It’s half the fat! So, the decision was made. I nabbed it along with some fresh strawberries to make myself feel better. I had a plan. I was going to go home, scoop some Froyo out into a small bowl, and watch the newest episode of Glee that free Hulu will let me watch (I can’t watch the most current episode that has everyone freaking out online because free Hulu makes me wait 8 FREAKING DAYS!). That is exactly what I did. Then, I saw that there was a new Cougar Town episode. I haven’t watched that show in several months, but I remembered liking it. It is done by the same guy that wrote Scrubs, or produced it, or something along those lines. Anyways, the humor is always fantastic even if the title doesn’t make a lot of sense. A lot has happened since I stopped watching it. Grayson and Jules were talking about having babies, and they went to Hawaii to convince Travis to come home with them and go back to college. The last time that I watched the show, he was just starting college, and he had just met the chick to whom he’d proposed and was subsequently dumped by her according to this episode. So, naturally, I wanted to watch yet another episode. I had planned on being in the bed by one o’clock. It is now two-thirty in the am. So, that was one goal shot to hell. Anyway, while I was watching the second episode of Cougar Town (it was actually a two-part episode, so who could blame me?), I got an uncontrollable craving for that Froyo. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The craving carried me to the kitchen and forced my hand to open the freezer and pull out the pint. It was still three quarters of the way full. I had done so well with portion control earlier. The craving carried me back to my seat where I continued to watch my show and slowly make my way through the pint. I told myself that I would eat half of it. But the craving would not let me stop. One more marshmallow swirl, I thought. One more chocolate fish, I thought. One more caramel-chocolate spoonful of goodness. Then, I could see the bottom. So, that was two goals that I bombed tonight. I was going to put all of the blame on Ben and Jerry for making ice cream, or in this case Froyo, that is so deliciously irresistible that I can’t stop eating it. However, I have to let Hulu share the blame. I don’t spend a lot of time in the living room watching television. I’m busy working, running, shopping, socialising, or doing anything else besides sitting on the couch watching television most of the time. However, when it is late and I should be getting in the bed, I get the urge to pull out my laptop and watch television. I can’t stop at just one show. It’s one after the other after the other after the other. But I will say this: that was a glorious moment watching a simple sitcom and devouring some of the best ice cream/froyo in the universe. Tomorrow, I will start eating healthy again as I obviously do not have any self discipline. It’s not that I’m worried about weight, because I’m fine with how much I weigh. It’s that I know I can be so healthy and in shape that it is sick, but it is sometimes more fun to binge eat and watch mindless television. Ah, the struggle continues. Tomorrow is a new day! Well, actually, I suppose tomorrow is already here, but right now, this is a new day!


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