Cafe de Desiree

March 27, 2011

28 Years of Winter

Filed under: poetry — desi83 @ 6:01 am

28 years and I’m still here

I’m still here with nothing but fear

because somehow I’ve failed at what I’ve tried

and that hope I once had has died

I walk through the wintry streets that go on forever

as I embark on another pointless endeavor

it’s another wasted day shopping for things I don’t need

just giving into that wanting that is nothing but greed

I lay in my cold bed and shiver alone through the night

and pray that I’ll wake up somewhere else that is right

where there is sunshine and reasons to interact with the Earth

I dream of a place where my purpose is birthed

I am left frozen by the cold interactions with the ones that love me

but I say nothing because even as I am with them they do not see

I am a phantom wandering this Earth searching for my place

picking out pieces of my past to try to erase

This icy winter freezes my soul and never ceases

the chill in my heart never decreases

I struggle through the blizzard trying to build this life

this life that the winter may never allow me to live


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