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November 23, 2010

Diving in Head First into unknown depth

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I have written a book. I wrote an entire book. It’s almost 200 pages, so it’s not that long because I’m more of a to-the-point writer. I like descriptions when they’re needed for the story, but I’m not the kind of write who drags on through two chapters describing the scenery. But the point is, I took a piece of my soul and weaved it into almost 200 pages of a story. Now, I’m supposed to take that piece of soul and throw it to the wolves in hopes that someone will save it and share it with the world for me. So, for now I am sitting on it, waiting to get up the nerve to send a query to a few literary agents. Hopefully, one will feel a connection to it and want to help me publish it. I just don’t want any rejection letters. How would you like it if you handed someone a piece of your soul and they crumpled it up and threw it in the trash before they told you it wasn’t good enough? Yeah, that is my hesitation. But, I’m taking the first step. I’m writing about doing it!


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