Cafe de Desiree

July 21, 2010

My Happiness

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My Happiness

Happiness is the salt in the air,

Covering my lips and coating my hair

It’s the sun blazing my skin,

And the sand through my toes all ten

It’s the lullaby of the waves crashing shore,

rocking me to sleep with its heavy oar

It’s the seagulls’ hungry cry,

Over their buffet in the water they fly

It’s being drunk with laughter,

Sipping Mai Tai’s with friends at night and thereafter

It’s no worries about the troubles in your heart,

This moment washes away the debris as soon as it starts

It’s the sun going to bed in the darkness of the ocean,

And the moon waking up to welcome the stars in slow motion

The warm sand makes for a nice bed,

As I start to feel heavy through my body and my head

I dream I’m swimming with the starfish and lobsters,

And inside me a yearning begins to stir


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