Cafe de Desiree

May 30, 2010

The Ghost of You

Filed under: poetry — desi83 @ 6:46 am

I loved you then, and I miss you now,

now that I only have your ghost to love;

I’ve tried again to love but don’t know how

you haunt my dreams and swim through my blood.

I hear the words echo through my brain

that you spoke and wrote so long ago;

I feel your warmth that brings on the pain,

And I wish your ghost would let me go.

I see you now with her and all smiles,

And what hurts most is you’re not you;

Your eyes look past me for miles,

those eyes do not belong to the soul I knew.

I’m drowning in your artifacts,

So I grab hold of your ghost but my grasp you lose;

my blood vessels begin their attacks,

but you swim harder until I start to bruise.

I want to bleed you out forever;

I want my dreams without you haunting them;

Your love is a loss long ago endeavored,

but it stills fills me to the very brim.


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