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February 26, 2010

The Escapist

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The Escapist

I dance in the rain,

With my favorite friend,

Then we climb through rough terrain,

‘til the day’s end

I go home to weave a story,

With the threads of my heart;

The words are jumbled and blurry,

So I rip it apart

I hope to make a fresh start,

With sight less unclear;

I must fight the monster that cripples my heart-

This angry, dark creature called fear

Instead, I fight with my own shadow,

And I end up injuring myself;

I hear my shadow begin to cackle,

When I see my happiness on a dusty shelf

I wait for another savior to come,

To help me crawl out of this sand,

Or I drown in a bottle of rum,

After escaping from another deceitful man

I lie in a field of roses red,

And bleed from the thorns that punctured;

I think my soul is dying or dead,

Because too many times it’s been ruptured

God please show me the sunshine,

So I can escape this endless stormy night;

Please don’t make it hard to find,

With my blurry sight and weary mind

With my soul unchained, I’ll dance in the rain,

Until I see the light peak through the clouds,

And with Hope, I’ll climb through this rough terrain,

To weave a new story without fears or doubts


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