Cafe de Desiree

February 26, 2010


Filed under: poetry,relationships — desi83 @ 5:01 am


Stranger in my bed

But you’re in my head

He has so many faces

He takes me to new places

I scream out in pain

He screams out my name

I cry until my eyes are dry

He has no idea why

I scream out your name

This longing for you is my pain

Take me away from him

Don’t watch as I smile and kiss him

His lips graze my skin

And I begin to cringe

But I hold on tightly

And I touch his face lightly

I try to pretend it is you

Though I’m not sure who

Who are you, the one I should be kissing?

The one who has always been missing

I’m the bottle of whiskey under his bed

He takes me out to clear his head

He drinks me straight with his eyes closed tight

Then hides me again from the light

He’s my cherry bubblegum

I chew him til the flavor is done

Then I spit him into the waste

And I’m left with a bitter taste

I crave your kiss and your caress

But I’m afraid, I must confess

That you may just pass me by

So I hope this substitute will satisfy

I’m sorry that I didn’t wait

I hope that it isn’t too late

Maybe you have a stranger in your bed

and I’m the one in your head


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